Friday, October 10, 2008

Group Sex Spanking

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Jerry Writes:
"I don't even know how to relate this particular spanking story because it's so fucking outrageous. I was in the Army a few years ago and I was stationed in Germany with a few really hot female MPs who were really into having sex with each other. Yeah, these girls weren't lesbos, they just liked each other's company - a lot. They would often shower together in very friendly ways, and they would often invite some of us guys into their barracks to join them in their group sex fun. Well, one night, I was one of the lucky chaps they chose to bring into their den of sin. Me and my buddy Jake went in to get it on with them and boy did we have no fucking clue what was in store for us. First of all, these chicks were seriously hot. They had some of the hottest big butts I'd ever seen, and a couple of them were stacked like all fuck. My buddy and I found out they were also seriously into the spanking fetish. They all got naked in front of us and brought out their paddles and whips and all sorts of shit. They had one girl bend over a chest and they started whipping her with a cat-o-nine-tails of whatever the fuck that thing is called. They put a ball gag in her mouth and everything. When they were finished with her, they told me to have at her big juicy butt and I did. I started spanking that big butt booty like nobody's business. The girl sounded like she came repeatedly, and my dick was so hard it could cut diamonds. After all the girls had their turns getting their sexy booties punished, my buddy and me got spanked by all the girls and I admit to getting seriously aroused by it. After all that spank action, we were all so horny that we fucked all night long. Shit, those were the times!"

Caning The Boss's Sexy Ass Wife

Cory Writes:
"The best big ass spanking experience I ever had was, get this, when I had a very short affair with my boss's wife. I was in my twenties and working for this dick at his plumbing business. He had a really hot wife who would frequently come into the office to pick things up and drop things off. She was a sexy voluptuous milf who had a great curvy body with a big round ass that was just fucking delicious. I remember she used to wear these tight gym shorts all the time that would perfectly reveal the bubbly curviness of her great ass, it would drive me fucking crazy every time. So, basically, we struck up a thing and she invited me over to the house while the husband was at work, or golfing, or whatever. I loved playing with that big butt more than anything else in the world, but things got really hot when she requested that I spank her. I'd never been really into spanking, although I had tried it a few times with previous girlfriends. But I was about to get awakened to the erotic joys of this very hot fetish. We had just finished fucking and she went over to the closet to get something. She came back with this long cane that she wanted me to smack her gorgeous booty with. I said, sure what the fuck, and she got on her hands and knees, putting that fantastic big ass right up in the air for me. I took the rod and began to whip her butt, slow at first, then really applying some force. She whelped and moaned as I caned her big fleshy ass with this thing, but she really seemed to get off on it. I left several red marks and bruises on her ass (I wasn't into caning before this, so I didn't know what the fuck I was doing). When we finished, she told me she had orgasmed multiple times during the whole caning. Shit, I wish I still had access to this piece of ass."

Spanking Wifey's Bubble Butt

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Janet Writes:
"I used to get spanked a lot when I was a teenager by my stepfather who never liked my rebellious attitude and my insistence on staying out late. I always hated getting spanked by him, but when I met my husband, my views on spanking changed quite a bit. It was like the third or fourth time we made love and he playfully suggested that he discipline me a little for how naughty I'd been in bed. One of the things I love about him is his sexual adventurism, so I said I'm game for it and he had me lay over his lap with my bubble butt sticking up. Immediately I saw where he was going with this and got a little disappointed since I hated to get spanked. He started going at my bare bottom with his hand and I admit I got seriously turned on. It hurt and was beginning to bruise my ass, but it was so intense I didn't want him to stop. He told me he was going to spank my big butt until I realized how bad a girl I had been and asked for forgiveness. I don't really know why, but this was so arousing that my pussy started to throb and get wetter than it had in a long time. I'm pretty sure it was dripping all over his lap. With every slap on my poor butt, my pussy would quiver. I finally came from the spanking and my ass was really bruised, but I loved every minute of the experience. We've since made it a regular part of our lovemaking and it turns us both on so much."

College Butt Spanking

John Writes:
"The first time I got to really spank a girl's butt was one time in college. I was a senior and I met this freshman chick who was really hot. She was blond and had a sexy big round butt that would just jut right out the back. I first saw her during cheerleading practice (I used to like to watch the girls from the bleachers as they practiced). I remember when I saw her move that big booty around it turned me on so much. All I could think about was getting my hands on it and roughing it up a bit. I worked up the guts to ask her out and she said yes, so I took her for a coffee at the campus cafe. We got to talking, but honestly the only thing on my mind during the whole date was her big fat ass and how much I wanted it. When I got her to her dorm room, she invited me inside with a naughty smile and I just knew I was gonna get lucky. We made out on her bed for a while, then I got an idea. She was a really submissive girl who seemed to like men to take charge, so I got a little rough with her and told her sternly to prop her butt up in the air. She smiled and playfully agreed. I looked over that amazing butt and my mouth just started watering. I couldn't help myself, I just had to slap that big booty with my hand. She yelped as though she were surprised, then let out a low erotic moan that signaled to me that she liked the spank. I went a little farther and took down her white cotton panties, exposing her juicy butt. I just went for it, at that point. I started spanking that fleshy ass like nobody's business. This girl seemed to love the hard hand spanking she was getting, as she she cooing and squealing with delight. I noticed that I had a raging boner at this point and when I saw that her sexy ass was getting red, I almost came right there! This was the most erotic experience of my life and the funny thing is that we didn't even have sex that night. I brought her to orgasm just from the spanking and I myself came right in my pants while wailing on her gorgeous butt!"